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The DIRECTOR oversees the department and reports to the Executive on the activities of the department. S/he is also responsible for providing the Human Resources functions for the staff of the Gwich’in Tribal Council and the Gwich’in Social and Cultural Institute.
The Director is responsible for all recruitment activities, maintains all employee files and assists with professional development and capacity development initiatives.
The Director also oversees the Gwich’in Education Foundation.


The REGIONAL MANAGER is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Education & Training staff as it relates to the Aboriginal Skills and Employment Strategy (ASETS), with focus on local Aboriginal people.
The Manager is responsible for providing services to Participants accessing education and training programs and working closely with employers and other agencies delivering education and training programs

Labour Market Programs

Gwich’in Tribal Council continues to partner with Aurora College, GNWT Education, Culture & Employment, Inuvialuit Regional Corporation and industry partners on community projects and/or college programs.

Employment Assistance Services

The Gwich’in Tribal Council along with ECE continues to fund the community employment officer positions with the Edhiitat Gwich’in Council, Gwichya Gwich’in Council and Tetlit Gwich’in Council.
In addition, a Career Development Liaison position at the Inuvik District Education Authority is supported by the GTC.
Skills Development & Tuition, Books, Living Allowances and Travel Costs
Students who attend educational courses or programs receive one or a combination of these costs, tuition, books, travel costs or living allowances if the training leads directly to employment.


The Career Development Officer is the first contact that Participants have when accessing GTC programs.
The CDO assists with resumé writing, job searches, career development activities and applications for funding.
The CDO sits as a part of a career development team that involves the Department of Education Culture and Employment and Inuvialuit Regional Corporation in delivering career fairs and career week activities, just to name a few.


The Office Manager (Inuvik):

  • -administers the Education Foundation programs,
  • -administers the Bursary, Scholarship, and Graduation Gifts programs;
  • -administers the Gwich’in Enrolment Registry;
  • -provides program support to the GHAP;
  • -administers the Social Emergency and Bereavement Program; and
  • -administers the annual Christmas Hampers distribution.

Bursary Program

Bursaries are available to Participants attending school on a full-time basis for a period of two months or longer.

Scholarship Program

Scholarships may be awarded to students who achieve an overall average of 80% in their program of studies for the year.


The Corporate Assistant provides day-to-day administrative and clerical support for GTC staff and is responsible for greeting the public in a friendly and professional manner.


The Administrative Assistant is responsible for keeping the department organized. She issues enrolment cards to Participants; assists where needed; and keeps the Human Resource Database up to date.
The Administrative Assistant is the main contact for the GHAP file.


    Phone E-mail
Director Robert Charlie 777-7902
Office Manager Cheryl Wright 777-7916
Administrative Assistant Gina Firth 777-7900